Interior Scene Frame Mockup
Used in this scene
Picture Frame 3cm - MB 12cm - Square - Beech Wood - Wall
Picture Frame 3cm - MB 12cm - Ratio 1.25 - Beech Wood - Wall
Wall 23 - Stucco
Monticello Parquet - Maple
Monticello Parquet - Teak
Base Wall 6 - 6 cm
Interior Shadow 6 - Tree 1b
Sofa - Boconcept Fargo 1
Front view
Interior Scene Frame Mockup
EnvironmentStudio 1
Studio 1
Interior scene for frame mockup. Two frames have a ratio of 1.25, and the other frame is square. Change the frame content easily with the help of smart object in Photoshop. Add any items, add another frame, move them around and fully customize this scene.


5500 x 5768 pixels