Ceacle Mockup

For Adobe
Fabric with flowers

This plugin comes with Auto Wrapping

Add your design in the document and wrap to get it to shape your object. No need for Photoshop complicated 3D features and limited Smart Object wrapping capabilities.
Curved paper with grid
Curved paper

Now most objects are mockups

Thanks to the Auto Wrapper most objects are now usable with a custom image. That custom image can be your design or a material texture. For example, a ceramic vase can be easily changed to another material by adding a wood texture or else. Or one could just add a design to fit perfectly the whole form of the vase.

With so many customizable objects via the Auto Wrapper, one can use them to display logos and symbols on close view.

Only files made with a build version superior or equal to 2.0 support Auto Wrapper. You can check the build version and Auto Wrapper support on the item page.

Simple to use

Open the Custom Image layer, add your design and wrap. Done!

Install the plugin

Latest version Win: 1.2.0 | Mac: 1.3.0
Choose your operating system
MacOs Intel
MacOs Apple Silicon
Download the installer by Photoshop version
Photoshop 2017 v18.0
Photoshop 2018 v19.0
Photoshop 2019 v20.0
Photoshop 2020 v21.0
Photoshop 2021 v22.0
Photoshop 2022 v23.0
Download the panel for Photoshop 2021-2022
Case 1: You have Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop. The plugin's panel was not installed by the installer downloaded in step 1? You can download the panel below and double click the .ccx file. Creative Cloud Desktop will do the rest.Case 2: You don't have Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop. Download the panel below and use Anastasiy to install it.
Download the panel
Plugin panel 1.2
Display the panel in Photoshop
In Photoshop 2017-2020 go to the menu Window > Extensions and choose Ceacle Mockup.
Trouble finding the extension panel? See how to fix it.
In Photoshop 2021+ go to the menu Plugins > Ceacle Mockup and choose Ceacle Mockup.
Accordion of business cards